Arthur House, Belfast

The site is in a tight urban environment in central Belfast, with listed buildings to the west and north. The aim of the design was to provide a modern building to stand alongside the listed Trustee Savings Bank and the State Building.

Michael Kelly

Belfast, Northern Ireland

In Use

1,935 sq.m


Arthur House, with its distinctive white steel-framed structure and fourth-floor pergola, is a dramatic contrast in style, colour and materials to its listed brick, terracotta and stone neighbours. It also anticipates the scale and architecture of the proposed Erskine House on the adjoining site, and it steps down the scale from the new building to the State Building. The pergola provides a bright roof terrace, accessed from the building’s fourth floor, with dramatic views across the city.

The structure is entirely steel frame, with precast concrete staircases set within the structural frame. The structural grid was dictated by the locations of the original pile foundations, as these were reused within the new scheme.