BreastCheck, Merrion Unit

The Irish National Cancer Strategy called for a breast cancer screening programme for all women aged 50 to 65. Centres of Excellence were established in four locations around Ireland. The Merrion Unit located on the St. Vincent’s university hospital campus in Dublin was the first purpose-built facility to be designed as part of this programme. The unit serves a population of 160,000 women, and carries out 55,000 mammograms each year.


Selected for Exhibition
Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland

Fr. Patrick F Carroll

Dublin, Ireland

In Use

900 sq.m


The needs of a screening centre such as this are to provide a dignified and reassuring atmosphere for the patient cohort and equally important to design in a way to provide a discreet service. The building is designed with reception and waiting areas serving three screening rooms (screened for radiation) on the ground floor. The race track plan allows women entering and leaving the facility not to cross paths to maintain discretion.