Scott Tallon Walker have been appointed to the Kane Science Building at UCC


Author: Peter Dudley

Peter Dudley leads STW in the design of advanced international science and technology facilities.


Scott Tallon Walker have been appointed to masterplan and deliver the full regeneration of the Kane Science Building at UCC. Originally completed in 1970, the building has housed the departments of Physics and Chemistry for almost 50 years and will need to remain operational throughout the project.

Scott Tallon walker are moving from the masterplan stage to commence the phased implementation of an ambitious plan by UCC to transform the Kane Science Building which is at the heart of UCC’s Lee-side campus.

The 12,000M2 building dates from the era of single glazing and almost no insulation in its outside wall. The project will create a sustainable building for the 21st century and see the building fully re-imagined, with new cladding, a new-build entrance foyer, a super-lab for chemistry, a new ultra-low vibration Physics lab and multiple new teaching, research and student interaction areas.

A complex phasing plan has been established to permit this transformation of the Kane Science Building to go ahead without disruption to its normal teaching and research activity. 

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