RTE Television Programming Building

This major office development forms the latest phase of the RTE campus master plan by STW in the early 1960s.The architecture on the RTÉ campus expresses the continuity of design philosophy practiced by Scott Tallon Walker over a period of forty years. The human scale is maintained, and the mass of the building is never allowed to dominate the people who use them. Buildings overlap, making a continuity of scale and spaces related to each other. 


Construction Excellence Award
European Building Magazine


Dublin 4, Ireland

In Use



The office accommodation is designed around a central atrium and operates in mixed mode using natural ventilation and exposed slabs as a heat sink and large windows maximising daylight but providing sun shading where required. The building provides a very high degree of flexibility against future changes required in this rapidly evolving industry and includes full IT communication services and Fit out. The building includes a direct link to the studio complex by way of a bridge at first-floor level.