Marymount University Hospital and Hospice

Marymount University Hospital & Hospice is a healthcare facility which provides two distinct services: continuing care for the elderly including respite and intermediate palliative care; and hospice care for patients with progressive cancer and non-cancer illnesses. Constrained by sub-standard conditions in their original 1870s facility, our client sought a new building embodying best practice in palliative and elderly care. The selected greenfield site offered therapeutic benefits to patients, but was constrained by its proximity to a registered monument, orbital road and an industrial ‘Seveso’ zone.

Health Service Executive

Cork, Ireland

In Use



The 15,000sqm building accommodates 144 patients in a tri-partite plan around a central atrium. The patient bedroom was the key driver of the design, ensuring that every room enjoys direct sunlight at some part of the day and takes full advantage of the wonderful views across the richly landscaped site.

The detailed design of these single and shared bedrooms is the result of a successful collaboration with JDDK architects of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, using a palette of familiar materials to create an internal environment which provides a dignified, serene and homely backdrop at what is an emotionally challenging time for patients and loved ones.

The building also accommodates an education centre which, operating in conjunction with the nearby university, provides full teaching, learning and library resources for academic, continuing professional development, in-service and university level courses.

This successful co-location is key to the developing interdisciplinary teaching and research programmes.