Cork Docklands Arena

Every so often there comes a unique opportunity to create a civic building that offers through its architecture and facilities exciting new public spaces and vibrant architectural experiences. The new Cork Arena is such an opportunity. This project is the development of a truly multi use and flexible facility that is animated and enlivened during both day and evening. By assembling a team of consultants, who have thorough international knowledge of the management of such a facility, we have developed a design which is capable of housing a wide variety of events and functions catering for anything from a seated national conference of 3000 delegates in the main space, or a concert for circa 6000 fans, or a more intimate seated theatre evening for 450 patrons.

Howard Holding Plc

Cork, Ireland

Concept Design



By locating this building in the urban core of the Cork South Docklands, the building's public foyer can be used from daytime exhibitions housing international art exhibitions through to a promotional hall during conferencing.

On entering the main auditorium, the intimate atmosphere of a fan shape performance space, focuses on the main stage area. Most large shows arrive with their own portable stage; the facility is designed with a flat floor, giving maximum flexibility for shows and exhibitions alike.

Backstage, the internal loading dock is acoustically sealed behind specialist doors, to minimize pre and post show noise. Over two levels to the left and right of the stage are accommodated star changing, star management, chorus changing; show management and facilities management teams, ensuring that even the most elaborate of performances can be accommodated and attracted to Cork City.