Enterprise Ireland East Point fit out

Enterprise Ireland is the Government agency in Ireland responsible for supporting Irish businesses in the manufacturing and internationally traded service sectors. They developed a brief in conjunction with DEGW for their new headquarters which located all their staff in one location at East Point which is recognised as Ireland’s most successful business park and is home to a vibrant mix of indigenous, multinational and ‘Fortune 500’ companies.

Enterprise Ireland

Dublin 3, Ireland

In Use



Scott Tallon Walker Architects and Interior Designers took the brief and developed the design based on the central ideas of a “street” as a processional route, the atria as important connecting devices providing views out towards the sea and through the space, and Facility Points acting as a brief retreat from general workplace and a place for staff to informally come together.

Cellular offices divide the floor plate into “neighbourhoods” and break sight lines to avoid monotonous views and a “call centre” feel.

An important factor was that the fitout should be able to accommodate future change - meeting today’s needs while being adaptable for the future. In addition to personal workstations, a range of enclosed spaces were provided, ranging from flexible Conference Rooms to Facility Points for copying and refreshment to Project Rooms to hot desking to informal breakout areas to individual booths for quiet study or private phone calls.

A specially commissioned work from the ‘Mhz’ series of paintings by John Cronin is placed in the reception area.