Royal Marsden Hospital RPU

The Radio-Pharmaceutical project at the Royal Marsden Hospital involved both a GMP production facility and a research centre for the Institute of Cancer Research. The building is located beside the main entrance to RMH (Surrey) and the steeply sloping site gave the solution.

The Royal Marsden Hospital

Sutton , United Kingdom

In Use



The production facility is entered at first floor level from the east end of the building while the research facility is entered at ground level from the Westside, and in this way potential conflicts are eliminated by use of the section. A stepped louvred colonnade to the south of the building serves to modify and control both light and heat.

The facility incorporates a P.E.T. scanning dock designed with Alliance Medical to take a mobile P.E.T. scanner as well as a cGMP production facility for the radiotracer (F.D.G.) used in P.E.T. scanning. The brief was to design a building to house these complex requirements within a building which reflected the client’s company ethos as market leaders in quality and scientific ability in their field. A solid cube incorporating the cyclotron bunker, hot cells and plant areas is interlocked with a graceful glass pavilion which houses the people and patient spaces.