UCD Club

University College Dublin seeks to enhance the University’s reputation by providing a welcoming collegial environment, designed to strengthen the links between the university, alumni, and the community it serves. It is proposed that the approximately 1,835 m² UCD University Club is developed to provide University staff, corporate clients and the community with a first class social engagement setting, complemented by the excellent existing conference event facilities of O’Reilly Hall. The UCD University Club will have its own identity and will be visible and accessible to all faculty, staff and alumni members on campus. 


Dublin 4, Ireland

In Use



The UCD University Club will serve as a unique resource encouraging the interaction of University Staff across all disciplines while also delivering an outward facing venue designed to foster relationships with other institutions, government and industry partners. Designed as an extension to the existing O’Reilly Hall, the completed complex will provide a comprehensive suite of resources in a strategic arrangement of meeting, restaurant, cafe and lounge facilities. The UCD University Club will become a recognised destination of choice for high quality social and dining facilities, designed to cater for small and large scale University and corporate member events.